About Me


I am a watercolor artist living in Amherst, NH. Starting early in life, I was fascinated by this medium because of the brilliance and clarity of the colors. This led me to attend many classes and buy lots of how-to books.


Over the years, I started a multitude of paintings, but didn’t finish many. 

With a recent awareness that I’m not getting any younger, I determined to get serious about my art. I’ve always had a passion for flowers so deciding what to paint was easy. How to do it was a bit harder because I wanted to share my love of flowers in a more exciting and unusual style.


So, brush in hand and using my own photographs for inspiration, I set out to capture the amazing detail and variety of each blossom using a stylized form and vivid color. The resulting flower portraits are vibrant and unique, and offer what I hope is a new way of seeing those blossoms.


When I am not painting, I keep busy with some of my other passions. As an avid gardener, I spend many hours tending my flower-filled yard, where I constantly receive new inspiration. Working jigsaw puzzles exercises my brain and playing the fiddle keeps my toes tapping. My two kitties, Molly and Mew, are always a source of fun and comfort.


I continue to marvel at the beauty of nature every single day and I am so grateful to be able to share it with you.